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Renewal within tradition

Art possesses intrinsic value on its own. However, the added real value of art is found in the interaction between a piece of art and its audience.
Guus van den Hout Art & Advice develops new art related concepts. Our view has its foundations in numerous years of experience in working in arts, access to the right network, genuine love for art and a good sense of what moves people.

This makes for notable concepts orientated to fulfil the human need for beauty and meaning.

For this is the part that art is meant to play in our lives; this is where the added value lies. The manner in which we mediate art to a wider audience ought to evolve in the same way that art moves forward from tradition.


Dare to be different

Guus van den Hout Art & Advice is willful. Just like the artist, who finds sublimation in being 100% true, Guus van den Hout Art & Advice’s motivation is spawned from the conviction that art should always be in the heart of society. Art fulfils a primary need, also for people who mightn’t notice it directly.

Guus van den Hout Art & Advice seeks fulfilment of this need in the concepts, adjusting to them with persuasive ideas.

Whether it be an exhibition or a campaign, Guus van den Hout Art & Advice hits the nail on the head with challenging end-products. 

Art beyond boundaries

The market for art is international, while the way in which art is presented to the public is often traditional [: within the national boundaries]. Guus van den Hout Art & Advice challenge the traditional boundaries because the appealing vigour of art is integral to human beings and transcends cultures.

Our international focus finds its roots in our background and experience. Being based in Antwerp, Belgium means we have access to a prominent creative network. This enables us to realise our groundbreaking concepts and create fresh, authentic products. 

We create value in art

Guus van den Hout Art & Advice find the connection between the owner’s desire, the value of art and the surplus value for the public. An  inspirational tensity originates from within this connection, leading us to work in a manner that’s fitting to all parties involved. 

By adding our view and inspiration to the creative process: from work of art to concept and its execution, Guus van den Hout Art & Advice become the catalysts who create real surplus value.