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Collection Management 1902x2853

For Collectors

As a collector it is your strive to bring your collection to a higher level. Guus van den Hout Art & Advice understand your passion and your needs and are qualified to guide you through every process involved. We offer full services in accordance with international museum standards and regulations.


Collection management

  • Inventory: we establish and store the basic information of your collection in accordance with international standards, which makes it easier to share information with peers and will give you better insight into your collection.

  • Presentation and storage: we help you find the necessary solutions to present and preserve your collection. Knowing the vulnerability of your works of art we make sure you can optimally enjoy your collection.

  • Photography: not everyone knows how to get art photography right. That's why we work with the best photographers, who are the most suitable for your specific works of art.

  • Insurance: we know the right experts to appraise your works of art and we advise you on the best insurance for your collection. We arrange the entire process for you.

  • Conservation and restoration: we analyse the current condition of your works of art and we will find the most suitable restorers to make sure this condition is preserved or improved. We guide you through the dilemmas of restoration and coordinate the entire process for you.