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Opinions from Guus

New website

15 augustus 2017  |  Guus van den Hout

I am thrilled to launch my new website!

Since my adolescence, I have been buying and collecting works of art. My first purchase was a simple but attractive 19th-century reliquary. I have been an avid collector since and was able to attain many outstanding pieces.

When working in New York, 1998, I would frequent visit the famous flea markets every weekend to roam the many stands under the guidance of the eccentric and famous art dealer Michael Hall. As a museum director, I was not allowed to deal or really collect for that matter but it was so much fun to discover hidden gems lying around.

Now my time has come. In 2010 I decided to for fill my dream and become an art dealer. I have the expertise, great taste and knowledge and a keen eye on quality and price. I am always looking for the unusual. Objects which are rarely found or appreciated. I know their background, financial and intrinsic value, their rarity. Expect to find objects of exquisite beauty and unusual appearance. My collection took 40 years to grow and thousands of happy hours of exploring.

I spend a lot of time browsing wherever and whenever I can. Discovering objects which really excite me and make me think about the joy they could bring to other collectors and art lovers.

I love to be the mediator between the objects and a truly appreciating new owner. For that reason also I like to buy works of arts that have been ‘sleeping’ in private collections, lying around on markets and browse shops off the beaten tracks. My network is huge and guarantees a steady influx of fresh objects. Treasures are still to be found. In the end, I’m still a museum professional. That means that I always check their backgrounds and keep in mind that works of art have a history which will sometimes show. That is also a fact of life and part of its beauty.

I always think it is a challenge to find out more about them because it is the stories that make an object come to life. I don’t just sell artefacts; I am proud to offer high-quality works of art with an authentic story, for great value and provide you with stunning conversation pieces. Let me also look for that special piece you always wanted. It will be a challenge to find it.

I hope you will enjoy being a frequent visitor to my website and I am looking forward to bring additional beauty to your life!